B-BBEE Certification
M&M Electronics are proud to hold a Level 2 B-BBEE Certification.

Rockwell Recognised System Integrator
M&M Electronics are proud to be part of the Rockwell Recognised System Integrator Program. As Rockwell Recognised System Integrators we are in a position to ensure optimal and robust design solutions for any application whether it be network infrastructure, efficient motor control or seamless PLC automation to make sure that our clients fully utilize their productive investment. We guarantee industry leading design from the ground up or seamless integration with existing installations. Whatever your industry need may be, we have the solution.

Awards received by Rockwell Automation:

2001: Western Cape Distributor of the Year
2005: Western Cape Distributor of the Year
2007: Western Cape Distributor of the Year
2010: Channel Recognition Award
2011: Channel Recognition Award
2011: System Integrator of the Year
2013: Channel Recognition Award
2013: System Integrator of the Year
2013: Best Performance in Control Products
2013: Best Performance in Architecture & Software (3rd Place)


M&M Electronics provide their specialised services to a large number of industries including but not limited to, Packing and Printing, Manufacturing, Mining and Minerals, Waste Water, Automotive, Life Sciences and Electromechanical. A few recent projects undertaken by M&M Electronics are:

1. Avusa Times Printing Media

In 2012, M&M Electronics completed the installation of 156 axes on CIP Motion – said to be the largest number ever achieved worldwide, at the Avusa Group’s Times Printing company in Port Elizabeth., South Africa. The printing towers are controlled by means of electronic gearing to one of three folder positions. We replaced the 144 register motors with AC servo motors and Allen-Bradley Kinetix 6500 AC servo drives . For visualisation, five Allen-Bradley 17-inch VersaView PCs are used. These run Rockwell software FactoryTalk View. Paper web integrity is monitored by 45 laser sensors. The project included the supply, design, manufacture, documentation, installation and commissioning of the press. The success of this project was covered by Packing & Printing Media magazine.
A copy of the article can be seen in Annexure A attached hereto.

In phase two mentioned in the article, an additional 16 axis were added for reel unwind and tension control connected in a common DC bus configuration thus providing approximately 48kW of saved energy.
2. DeBeers Group

We were requested to provide a system which would give DeBeers control over their anchor winches, launch and recovery system as well as their dredge pump on one of their mining vessels. This was achieved by using PowerFlex 700s drives for the positioning of the positioning anchor winches. PowerFlex 700s drives were also used in the speed and torque following system for the launch recovery system. Two PowerFlex 7000 water cooled drives were utilised for control of the 2.8mW dredge pump.

3. Morupule Coal Mine

Moropule Coal Mine in Botswana needed a solution which would enable them to provide variable speed control for below and above ground conveyers for the transport of coal from the mine face locations to the above-ground stock pile and production plant.

We made use of PowerFlex 700s drives configured in a speed follower and torque follower application for controlling multiple motors on conveyers. A total of thirteen 250kW PowerFlex 700s drives were used. We also had to provide an interface between the existing Mitsubishi control and Scada system to the PowerFlex drive system.


Rockwell Automation Launches Allen-Bradley OneGear Product Line The release of the OneGear product family offers a wide range of flexible product solutions. Rockwell Automation Expands Integrated Architecture System for Advanced Process Control, Midrange Machine Builders, Safety and IT Convergence Solutions.



M&M Electronics are Merseta registered and have built up a reputation within the industry for our exceptional training courses offered. We are constantly updating our courses and adding new courses in order to meet the demands of the industry.